Our Story

Timoz began as a small business which highly values human dignity, social justice and community transformation. We want to enable people to lead fulfilling lives and be active contributors to their community. The underprivileged of society needs access to skilled training and jobs that will provide them with a sense of dignity and self-worth. For such an aim to be achieved, a well run business is needed as a medium for social upliftment and transformation and in helping those who are unable to help themselves.

With the aim to be a social enterprise, we believe in creating jobs and providing work for the poor or marginalised. Our aims include the wise use of resources, the good practice of environmental stewardship, and the training of relevant skills and the encouragement of entrepreneurship. It is our aim to employ people from various different backgrounds whom we believe that they deserve a better future.

If you believe as we do and want to join us, do contact us at info@timoz-percussion.com.

As a business, we believe in constant innovation and continuous improvement always striving towards excellence. We endeavour to design and build the best sounding cajons and instruments possible of an international standard making it the percussionist’s choice.

At Timoz, we also wish to make our cajons as affordable as possible. When you buy and play a Timoz cajon, you will know that you have made a good choice for a cajon which is worth much more than you have paid for it.

Try a Timoz cajon today!

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