Timoz Percussion is the maker of  professionally handcrafted cajons with the aim to make our cajons the percussionist’s choice.

A little known fact is that Malaysia is one of the top countries in the world manufacturing wood products such as high-end furniture, handicraft, and many local traditional and modern music instruments.

The cajon may look deceivingly simple to make; but the great challenge for makers is ‘the sound’.  Making a cajon with a good base and snare sound that satisfies the musical taste of any percussionist requires an eye for details in the production process from the beginning to the end.

With feedback from musicians and percussionists, the process of innovating and making our cajons sound even better goes on with the relevant investment of time and research.

All Timoz cajons regardless of the models are handcrafted using Malaysian wood such as Nyatoh, Rubber, Durian, Keledang and Meranti. Our cajons are specially handcrafted to have their unique character and soul.


Premio Series

JPEG image-EA6FB2A9527A-2.jpeg

Handcrafted from select Malaysian hardwood, the Premio Duo series provides complete sound and tone for any percussionist.

With a traditional Peruvian cajon sound (no snare) on the back playing surface and a sizzling snare sound on the front face, its dual playing surfaces allow the musician to wield both pure rhythm and fiery flamenco beats all on a singular instrument!

The cajon of choice for the professional percussionist.

Playing surface: Nyatoh (Front), Meranti (Back)
Snare Type: Adjustable snare (via external knob)
Snare Wire: High Carbon Dual 20 Spirals
Body: Malaysian Rubber/Durian/Meranti/Nyatoh
Finish: Matte lacquer
Colours: Natural Wood Body Colour

Dimensions (cm): approx. *45 x 30 x 30
*Custom height at a special request


Classic 2.0 Series

Classic 2.0 Retouched.jpg

Solidly built, featuring internally adjustable wire snares and Timoz slap corners for additional sounds. The classic series delivers a full, punchy tone and loud snare that projects with clarity and power. From unplugged gigs to stage performances, the Classic series will shine.

Playing surface: Nyatoh
Snare Type: Adjustable (internal pull rod)
Snare Wire: Dual 20 Spirals
Wood Body: Eco-friendly composite MDF
Finish: Matte lacquer
Colours: Classic (Matte Black Body) w/ Dark or Light Natural Front

Classic Neons_IMG0166.jpg

Classic 2.0 Neon Series:
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green Body (w/Metallic Black Front)

Dimensions (cm): approx. 45 x 30 x 30


Tonez Series

A great starter for musicians of any level looking to jump right into the action!
Our simple no frills cajon, the ToneZ was created to fill the gap of a quality hand built cajon with great sound, yet at a price point accessible to anyone!

With a fixed snare and fully glued on the front , the Tonez has an incredibly resonant bass tone and slightly warmer sounding snare tone.
Great for busking, performing, or even just having fun letting loose at a party!

Playing surface: Malaysian Tropical Plywood
Snare Type: Fixed
Wood Body: Malaysian Tropical Plywood
Finish: Matte lacquer
Colours: Brown Natural
Dimensions (cm): approx. 45 x 30 x 30


Timoz Tablet

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

A highly portable Cajon Tablet specially designed for buskers and travelling musicians. It comes with a sensitive snare response and a full range of tones. An easy-to-mic sound chamber is open at the back of the Tablet. 

A few more good things about it:

– Non-slip Foam Base
– Rounded Edges for Playing Comfort
– Mountable on Snare Stands
– Excellent Addition to a Standard Cajon Set Up
– Available in Many Colours
– Add-On Straps Available!

Dimensions (cm): approx. 30cm x 30 cm x 3.5cm

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