Timoz Cajons has been to many countries such as Australia, Italy, UK, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Nepal. Feedback from users has been incredibly positive.

We thank all our customers for trusting our brand and believing in us as we continue to innovate and improve ourselves and our products.



“Timoz Cajon Classic 2.0 has superb playability! So easy to produce the bass sound without the need to hit hard like other cajons . Definitely worth the price, recommend for all who are looking for a cajon. Keep up the good work!!”
By Stephen Yong


“Timoz cajon is perfect for stage performance. I bought the classic 2.0 for staged performance last week. The cajon uses MDF body which looked so durable when compared to other cajon at this price range which uses thin plywood. First, I thought the sound would be so ordinary but I was so surprised to hear the sound when I first tried it. The bass is deep while the snare is crisp and clear. The snare crispness does not kill the overall balance of the drum sound. We will upload some of the performances using this cajon at our page soon. #themacaronsentertainment”
By Jimmy Lim


“Excellent service and description and recommendations of products available! Fast delivery and awesome name customization!”
By Sean Leong


“Well, just purchased the Tonez Cajon by Timoz. I got to know this brand from a couple of friends from Kluang. It’s a great looking Cajon. Very industrial looking and its made out solid wood. To me, a Cajon sound should be balanced. This is regards on the snare and also the bass. To be honest, Cajon is not cheap! Well after trying a few ranges of Cajon, I find that the this Cajon suits me to my hearing. I would say this Cajon is worth buying and Yes! It’s a great buy for me. Many of my friends said it sounded good. One important thing is to go n test it out so that u can get the feel of the Cajon. To me it’s not about buying a ‘cheap’ Cajon but its all about the feel, sound and quality. Yeap this Cajon is highly recommended if you’re looking for a budget Cajon. Service was great. Thanks to Derek from Timoz Percussion for helping me choosing the perfect Cajon for me!

Btw this Cajon is made in Malaysia, so do support our local talent!”
By Arnold Jude AJ


“Awesome piece of work and even better opportunity to support a local manufacturer. Derek and his products are the best. Will be a repeat customer.”
By Scott Constance


“The Classic 2.0 Cajon is so good because I’m a newbie and it sounded so good when I played it. the bass and snare sounds are just rich.”
By Gavin Phang


“We bought a kids Cajon for our son…Derek invited our son to his workshop to make it himself… he enjoyed every moment working on it with Derek and he loves his cajon and his Uncle Derek. I highly recommend this lovely instrument to anyone (adult or child) who love music”
By Yasmin Ruth


“Very satisfied with Classic 2.0 Timoz Cajon. The snare sound is very responsive and tight and the bass sound is solid and punchy, it produces sounds which very simulates of playing a drumset, the bass-snare is distinctly separated. The snare is adjustable with a pull rod mechanism inside the body. The responsiveness is great as it needs not great strength to produce a sufficiently loud sound. Sound projection is good, it can be audible at every corner of a hall which can fill 100 people and outdoor environment with about 50-people crowd, both scenarios without the aid of sound pick-up. Great value for money.”
By Loo Chong Meng


“I recently had a bit more time with my new Cajon tablet. I loving it day by day as I discover the sweet spot for sound to the beat you want. Timoz has crafted this little baby with much care and the quality is superb. Small and super portable but no compromise on sound 👍”
By Joshua Ta




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